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Frequently asked questions

Why aren't the apps supported anymore?
The iPhone & Android apps haven't been updated in a long time and have a lot of bugs. So we're directing people to use the web app if they still want to use Repost.
Why a website?
Nothing to install, always up to date, easier to maintain, etc. But really, the web app is very similar to the app experience when you use it on your phone.
  1. Paste the Instagram link.
  2. Download the repost media to your phone
  3. Use Instagram to repost the media on your feed.
Why a subscription?
Repost is free to use. However, some features require a Pro subscription. We switched to a subscription model to support ongoing costs with maintaining the service.
I already paid for the Pro version of the app. Do I need to pay again?
Unfortunately, the payment systems are linked, so you will need to create a new subscription for the website.
Also, the thing about subscriptions.
I can't download videos on my iPhone.
You need to use iOS 13 and above. That's when Safari's added its Download Manager.


How to repost on Instagram.
Shows how to use Repost to promote your community on Instagram.
How to download media to your mobile device.
Using the web app from your mobile device simplifies the process of reposting media to Instagram.
How to add Repost to your home screen.
Add a shortcut to Repost on your mobile device's home screen.